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Send My AI

App to create and share AI chat bots

  • Enhance your content with personalized AI chatbots 
  • Allow users to ask questions with a simple link
  • Personalized companion to share in messages
  • Upload content, files, or a syllabus for AI to answer questions on

AI Lens

Power BI Plugin with ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT Plugin made for Power BI dashboards
  • Enable users to gain more data insights
  • AI Lens empowers you to ask questions and receive clear, data-driven insights in return
  • Allow acces to specific data sources, providing granular control over your data and maintaining your privacy

Notion Power BI Connector

Data Integration with the Notion Power BI Connector

  • Seamlessly integrate Notion data with Power BI
  • Create insightful dashboards from Notion tables
  • Enhance data visualization and decision-making
  • Comprehensive tutorial for easy setup



Power BI Plugin for Timelines

  • Intuitive, interactive, and visually stunning timelines
  • Customizable labels for clarity and emphasis
  • Variety of layouts: line, bar, waterfall, and kaban style
  • Seamless integration with Outlook via iCalendar (ICS) files


Annotated Bar

Power BI Plugin for Bar Chart Tool Tip

  • Visual acting as secondary visual for bar chart tooltip underneath same timeline
  • Extensive customization options for labels and bars
  • Interactive drill-down features for deeper data analysis
  • Three bar styles: stacked, side-by-side (clustered), and overlapping

Icon Library

Power BI Plugin for Free Icons

  • Expand your Power BI dashboards with our wide range of icons.
  • Personalize visuals with dynamic or static icons that adapt to your dashboard filters.
  • Enjoy seamless alignment of icon colors with applied filters using conditional formatting.
  • Elevate your enterprise analytics experience with us today!

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