Icon Library

Revolutionize Dashboards with Icon Library

Bring your dashboards to life through personalized icons with adjustable colors and dynamic formatting that creates a visually appealing experience that highlights the most important information.

Power of the Icon Library

Enhance your Power BI dashboards with our expansive selection of icons. Personalize visuals with dynamic or static icons that adjust based on your dashboard filters. Benefit from conditional formatting to seamlessly align icon colors with applied filters. Elevate your enterprise analytics experience today.

Download Icon Library

Version is available on AppSource, offering a seamless experience that adheres to Microsoft certification requirements.

Contribute to Our Open Source Journey

At Queryon, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation. That’s why Icon Library by Queryon is an open-source project, inviting developers, data enthusiasts, and users alike to contribute to its growth and enhancement. By working together, we can refine the visual’s capabilities, share ideas, and address challenges faced by users worldwide. Your contributions will help shape the future of the Icon Library, making it an even more powerful and versatile tool for data visualization. Let’s join forces and create something extraordinary!