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Project Control Summit

2023 Summit. Unlocking project success. Building timely and accurate reporting for a major capital project.

NTEN 2024

NTEN 2024 is a premier conference for nonprofit professionals, offering insights into technology.

Project Control Summit

2024 Summit. Unveiling the Power of AI, Spatial Analytics, and Data Insights for Project Controls.


Downloads and learnings from our previous and current events.​

2024 Summit Slidedeck

2024 Summit Slide deck for AI, Spatial, and Periodic Table presentation in Texas.

Highlights 2023

See Queryon looking back at our stats from an amazing year in 2023.

Periodic Table

The Periodic Table of Data issues where we created an index to log issues.

2023 Summit Slidedeck

2023 Summit Slide deck for project innovations and WBS explorer.

Change Management

A guide to secure buy-in and foster smooth adoption to new technologies.

Brand Guidelines

Includes logo usage, color palettes, typography, and other essential elements.


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