Prenatal Screening Tool


In the unique context of remote and rural Alaskan communities, Safe Alaskan identified a critical need to support prenatal and prebirth mothers by screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and tailoring comprehensive care plans. The challenge was to develop a digital application that allows doctors and care providers to analyze maternal risk factors and provide personalized care for a successful future for both the mother and child.


Our solution for Safe Alaskan involved the creation of a user-friendly digital application designed to address the specific challenges of remote Alaskan communities. This innovative tool facilitates prenatal and prebirth screening for ACEs, enabling doctors and care providers to comprehensively assess maternal risk factors.

The application offers a seamless user experience for both mothers and healthcare providers. Mothers can complete ACEs screenings conveniently, providing valuable insights into their own backgrounds. Meanwhile, doctors and care providers can access a secure platform to analyze the data, identify potential risks, and develop tailored care plans.

In the remote and geographically challenging Alaskan terrain, where access to comprehensive healthcare can be limited, this digital application bridges the gap by ensuring mothers receive the support they need for a successful pregnancy and future for their child. It aligns with Safe Alaskan’s mission to provide equitable care, particularly in rural areas where access to specialized services can be challenging.

In summary, our digital application solution for Safe Alaskan addresses a critical need in prenatal care by leveraging technology to screen for ACEs and personalize care plans. It empowers healthcare providers and mothers alike, promoting the well-being of families in remote Alaskan communities and contributing to a brighter future for both mothers and children.




Software Development, App Creation, User Experience


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