Organization Intranet


The Hawaiian Humane Society, a respected nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare, required a robust intranet website to enhance internal operations and communication. The challenge was to develop a comprehensive platform that facilitated document management, training and onboarding, fostered a sense of community with features like a social media board for shoutouts, token awards, and provided real-time access to company news and user profiles.


“>Our solution for the Hawaiian Humane Society involved the creation of a feature-rich intranet website that empowered their nonprofit to streamline internal operations and foster a sense of community among team members.
The document management system transformed the way the organization handled information, offering document libraries that allowed for organized storage and easy retrieval of essential resources. This feature greatly enhanced efficiency by providing quick access to critical documents and resources.

The training and onboarding section facilitated seamless integration of new team members by providing a structured platform for training materials and onboarding processes. This ensured that employees were well-equipped to contribute effectively to the organization’s mission.

To foster a sense of camaraderie and recognition, the social media board for shoutouts and token awards provided a space for employees to appreciate each other’s efforts. This feature promoted a positive work culture and acknowledged the contributions of team members.

Real-time access to company news kept everyone informed about important updates and events, ensuring transparent communication throughout the organization. User profiles allowed team members to showcase their skills and expertise, fostering a stronger sense of identity within the organization.

In conclusion, our intranet website solution empowered the Hawaiian Humane Society to enhance internal operations, improve communication, and cultivate a more engaged and connected workforce. The innovative features we implemented, from document management to social recognition and user profiles, contributed to a more efficient and collaborative nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare.




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