Orion Matthews
Orion Matthews


You wake up one morning and find out all of your company’s assets have been hacked. An advanced strain of ransomware sidestepped your free antivirus software.

You’re locked out of everything; from client data to basic Word documents. All of the company’s digital assets lie behind an encrypted paywall. It demands $50,000 in Bitcoin to get everything back. You don’t have the money.

Suddenly all of the success you’ve earned seems laughable. Your company is gone forever because you didn’t have the foresight to invest in a robust cybersecurity solution.


This may sound like a rare occurrence, but business owners all over the world are hacked each and every day.

A 2016 IBM security study revealed just how common cyber attacks are. Half the businesses surveyed claim they’ve paid over $10,000 in ransomware payoffs during their company’s lifespan. A shocking 20% have paid over $40,000.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Forbes estimates that cybercrime costs will reach $2 trillion by 2019.

Don’t take shortcuts on cybersecurity when your time, money, and business are on the line. It simply doesn’t pay to be cheap when choosing a cybersecurity solution.

Let’s break down the numbers.

Say you’re “saving” $1000 a month with free anti-virus software. Lo and behold, a virus punches its way into your company’s assets and causes chaos.

Now you must spend thousands of dollars to 1. figure out the problem and 2. fix it. Even if you manage to expel the virus from your system, you might not recover all your assets.


Don’t risk throwing those thousands of dollars down the drain on an uncertain outcome. Invest in a trustworthy cybersecurity solution.

Beware of free antivirus software, “giveaway” cyber-protection, or “$5 firewall.” Hackers will cut through these like a hot knife through warm butter. They seek out prehistoric, cheapo barriers guarding priceless company data and target it with attacks.

You wouldn’t buy a rusty, secondhand old lock for your house, so why are you installing primitive cybersecurity software to protect your most precious company resources?

In a world where cybercrime is rampant, a hacker is bound to come knocking at your digital door sooner or later. When that day comes, do you want a free piece of software that you saw on LifeHacker? Or a tried, true and tested solution?

Don’t be shortsighted when it comes to your data. Invest in your company’s future, and protect yourself with the most powerful tools on the market.

Get ahead of hackers before they destroy everything.

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